Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A new revelation and outlook

I no longer attend the group of deception and lies. Although I still join the weekly badminton event every Saturday afternoon at Badminton Vancouver because I enjoy badminton greatly. It's one of the very few sports I like and can excel in.

I have also joined a younger group and play with them weekly Sunday night and making new friends. They are energetic and kind and not deceptive as the old, bitter divorcee from the older group. They are more youthful and down to earth, which really is who I am. I am really glad that I have found somewhere I belong in Vancouver!

Looking back at this summer 2013. I really did enjoy every moment of it. Although I didn't actively chasing after superficial girls and princesses, I did grow myself personally and the seed did sprout to something better than ever. For once, I finally know what's work life balances, and for once I finally dare myself enough to drive to Tofino and to Powell River, Lund all from Vancouver. These experiences truly amazed that little frog of mine, sitting at the bottom of a tiny well until it leapt great forward and escaped from the bottomless abyss.

I thank God for protecting me all the way throughout these travesties and adventures, especially for what I have done in Cancun. You really protected me all the way, and I will be the witness of your everlasting grace and tolerance until the end of the time!



一個人就別太虛榮,別太挑剔,要不會引起嫉妒與討厭。現在我一週打十五小時以內羽毛球,實在是很佩服自己都三十多了還有這種體格。其他朋友也是嫉妒,只不過他們不說而已。這夏天爬Grouse Grind最好爬了53分鐘。是我往常最好的一次!今年去了將近五次,每一次都是57分鐘一下,真牛b!



Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Meeting people

Getting to know more people is really not easy and I should really cherish the conduits I have over meeting people. Yet, I sometimes despise pretence and that very childish conundrum especially meeting the opposite sex. Of course, if I want to be smart I should just lie and speak of misconception and appropriate jargons to attract their attention, but what would be good of that when we decide we're for each other?

This confounding question has really gotten onto my nerve these few days, as I get to know more people from China. My thesis has proven to be right again and again as these women and men called themselves single yet hide away the very essence why they're still single at such an old age as if their previous marriage were a shame not to be spoken of. Of course this would only have surfaced when they realized that they were not meant for each other after pretence has been discovered after courtship.

I'm now tired and frankly don't have time for these childhood gestures. Hopefully, that shiny star still awaits arrival of dusk over the event horizon. ;)

Saturday, August 25, 2012



Sunday, August 19, 2012


最近真的接触到很多公主们,经过此接触才能深深的体会到什么是公主病,为什么男人得避免这公主病。 上星期三我就开始计划这礼拜六去Squamish Chief健行的路程。因为不想单独一个人去(虽然可以一个人去)所以发了n个短信给认识朋友们,看看有没有人想一起去。星期五来到终于有几位朋友感兴趣。一位女性朋友说着说着想要来却又找借口说这个不好,那个不好。我最后一气之下还是说你别来好,因为我实在无法忍受你的折腾。 我个人认为现在大陆的一胎政策真的带来很多有公主病的独身女,照成男们人极大的痛苦与打击。 男人啊,就为了那天鹅肉而失去了自尊,话的来吗? 我现在也想开了,为了那严重公主病而付出将来是绝对不值得。。。

Monday, August 13, 2012

Chinese way of things

I'm now meeting people from China regularly on a weekly basis on a pretentious note of friendship and all, but of course my motive is to meet the other half and carry on life's procreation and fertilization of continuation of our spieces, but I would have never imagined that it would be this long and the road would be this treacherous...

Hopefully it'll happen someday. Until then I would need a car (check) and a place to live (not there yet), and abide by the Chinese traditions of husband provides for wife and family, gosh, I hated this!

I've been practice my singing this place, which advertise itself as a car repair shop but secretly allow people to congregate and have fun. This for sure fits Chinese proverb of hanging a goat's head but in fact sell dog meat. That's usually the Chinese mentality when opening business with the intention of profit maximization...

Once again, I'm alive and well except the hectic work schedule...

It's about time I go back to blogging!

People from mainland congregate together mostly so how can we establish multiculturalism when we resist at being one?

Maybe I'm resistant to love and being loved!

You ever had this feeling? I have!

Yes, I know. First post after God knows when...

Saturday, March 05, 2011

The dawn of a new beginning

Every end is the dawn of a new beginning. Alas, I shall soon break free this hollow enclosure and pretentious relationship and blossom until eons end.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I've not been entirely true to myself

We are all inherently weak. Human, by nature, is prone to temptation, desire, vanity, and immunity is not guaranteed. It is a disease that has plagued humanity for eons and as such has brought forth advances in psychology, biomedicine, and engineering to overcome such hurdle, hurdle to temptation and desire. You may be more inclined to one form of sin than the others, e.g., wealth and money for those who strive for the abysmal satisfaction of upper class accessories, knowledge and publications for those who strive for higher education or faculty/research position, relationship and intangible love for those who desires breakthrough in singleness or loneliness, fame and recognition for those who can't escape the thought that they must achieve what Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame. Irrespective to which rabbit holes we would like to tumble we are all ultimately the victim of our true self, and how one shall overcome is a must, but that is not for us to decide.

I'm the victim of my own self, which I've not been entirely true to myself. I have been daydreaming in this wonderland which I've built from ground up. Day by day since end of March I've been laying bricks, block by block, layer by layer until I have almost construct a perfect seemingly impregnable little room which I am willing to spend my life in eternity. That is very dangerous until recently, like today, the unforeseeable happened - that room was firmly built and I was pushed in from the outside, by a force so great, that I could not resist. All the way until I realize this is not what God intended me to do, and it is how the destruction will carry on if I insist so.

"Let go, you will survive and you will be stronger than ever," says He the Almighty. And, from that moment on I truly realize once again how weak are we human beings. How a little thing such as one-way street can be blown out of proportions, by your incompetent formulation of what relationship is supposed to be.

I'm shattered and I've not been true to myself. Hopefully, I will wake up and mend the gashing wound until it is fully healed. Until then, God be with me and everything will follow for the faithfulness can bring you joyful bountiful everlasting content beyond your imagination.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

A giant leap forward on human rights in China

I'm sure everyone of you who's following the mainstream media will inevitably stumble upon the news that Liu Xiaobo, an ethnic Chinese who advocates human rights in China for the past 20 years, has been awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. In the Middle Kingdom where a citizen's right is extended by his/hers connection to the Politburo and/or the amount of bribery he/she pays in the event of injustice, this good news comes as a giant leap forward for the land of 1.3 billion. The Nobel Prize represents hope and relief to the brothers and sisters who continuously struggle for unequivocal rights for all of its citizens in a country where authoritarian rule is still absolute. Especially when they are wronged daily by the very system which brought them up and indoctrinate their thoughts with skewed beliefs, the Prize comes as a soothing remedy to all the years of harshness, brainwashing, and isolation from the "real world."

Hopefully, one day China will be more lenient on human rights and those rights of individual who wants neither discrimination nor abomination for the work, religious affiliation, or belief they have. Until then, more people like Liu Xiaobo is a must in this country of 1.3 billion, who is not there to abide by the authoritarian rule but rather to challenge the system and to let the Politburo knows that its citizen is not afraid of advocating unequivocal rights, including but not limited to freedom of speech, assembly, and religion.

I, for one thing in this very October 2010, is proud of being a Chinese, even if that China is from across the strait. I also have not given up the notion of peaceful reunification, which may just occur in the foreseeable future when one day unequivocal rights is no longer an ideology amongst the thoughts of the Chinese dissidents in the Mainland, but rather an exercisable reality in the very Middle Kingdom itself!